New Track!

Alright everyone- here is the first look at the new album. Check it out and share, share, share! Help us get the word out about it. We will be planning a cd release show so keep checking back. The first 100 disks will be a limited run. Now, most people like to download music and not worry about having a physical copy of the record, but this one will be pretty special. Either way, we just want everyone to have the chance to enjoy what we feel like is a great record, so get it however makes you happy. Thanks!

The Masters

I don’t know much about golf, but I know a little secret about the new album. We are so close….. like real close. The first batch of masters came in last night, and it won’t be long before we have a wrap on this thing. Listening parties and a CD release show will be scheduled very soon so keep a look out. Thanks to everyone who came out for the Saturday Earth Jam! You know you are at a cool show when nature provides the lighting (or is it lightning) effects. You are some truly brave souls! Alright, I’m out but not for long.

Tiny Desk Contest 2017

So NPR has this cool contest going on called the Tiny Desk Contest. Basically you record a video of a live performance of an original song, and somehow incorporate a desk into it. It’s pretty interesting and there are some really great entries on their site- . I decided to make a quick video of Blindspot with none other than my youngest daughter Eden playing the role of well… herself. I told her to pretend that she was completely disinterested in what I was doing, and she played the part really well…. maybe too well? Check it out!

Happy New Album Year!

Hey everyone! I hope your year is off to a great start! So it totally looks like there hasn’t been a lot going on with the band or the website, but this could not be further from the truth. 2016 was a busy ‘behind the scenes’ year for the band, but we did manage to squeeze in a couple of private performances. The year started out with a lineup change- Brian Bankston has taken over on guitar, and we went back and re-worked most of the tunes. We finally made it out to FAME studios and cut all the tracks for the new album, and we hope to have that out very soon so keep an eye out for it. We definitely need everyone’s help in promoting this thing when it’s all done, and we will have some great give-away’s to offer our faithful fans! Love you guys, be good to each other and Happy 2017- let’s make it the best year yet!



We have added a new show- mark your calendars for June 28th! We will be opening for The Shane Givens Band at the Liberty Day Festival in Cedar Bluff, AL. Hope to see you there! It’s a great family event with lots of good music, food and fun.

We will also be working on a new EP very soon so keep checking back for updates on that. There may very well be a free mp3 download available- you never know…….

Thanks for everyone’s continued support and we will see you on stage soon!

Until then- check out this live performance of ‘Cover Me Up’ by Jason Isbell

Upcoming Show!

Everybody mark your calendars for April 5th! The Jeremy Jackson Band will be performing at the Rainbow City Chocolate Festival in Rainbow City, AL. We’ll be going on at 3:30! Also, we have added several new songs to the set. This is a great outdoor event for the whole family so make plans to be there!